Wow.  The term epic gets thrown around a lot when describing films these days, but it is truly applicable here.  Marvel and Disney swung for the fence with this movie, making a film worthy of being considered the culmination of 10 years and 18 films in the most successful big screen franchise of all time, and knocked it out of the park.  How does this movie even exist?  As a movie-going audience we have come to accept big blockbuster film events consisting of superhero crossovers as the norm.  It is difficult to remember only 10 years ago when Iron Man suddenly made “shared universes” a thing.  While I was driving to Thursday’s midnight showing with my wife, I was geeking out over the fact that when I was growing up we had Superman, Batman and Ninja Turtles as options for comic book movies and now the Avengers are fighting alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther (a relatively unknown character outside comic book circles who just appeared in a sensational solo movie that continues to rake in massive box office dollars) battling Thanos across the globe and cosmos. Continue reading Film Review: AVENGERS INFINITY WAR


All Released Footage for Avengers: Infinity War

Below check out all the footage released for Avengers Infinity War.  Included are all trailers, TV spots, featurettes, clips and some interviews discusses moments from the film.  The movie arrives in US theaters this Friday, April 27, 2018.  Enjoy. Continue reading All Released Footage for Avengers: Infinity War

Netflix Titles Available and Leaving in May 2018

Below is a full list of movies and series that will become available as well as those that will be leaving Netflix’s streaming media service in May.  In addition to a list of titles are the dates that the movie/series will become available or leave Netflix.  Plan your evenings accordingly.  The list comes courtesy of Coming Soon. Continue reading Netflix Titles Available and Leaving in May 2018