Not Wrong, Just Different

Chances are you have had a conversation at some point similar to the following: “Have you seen ____?  I loved it so much.”  “You liked that?!  That movie was garbage.  Only an idiot would like something like that.”  Yes?  I know I have.  Many times I’d be the one saying those words.  I was what you could affectionately refer to as a pretentious film jerk.   Continue reading Not Wrong, Just Different

Behind the Scenes – About Me

My name is Jason Schooling and simply put I am a huge fan of movies.  I’ve decided to write this blog not because I have any background in writing (which I hope is not painfully obvious with each post) or in the entertainment industry, but because I am truly passionate about movies and love discussing film any opportunity I get.  So to help preserve my marriage by not talking my wife’s ear off, I instead opted to pursue an alternative outlet.  Ergo, a blog. Continue reading Behind the Scenes – About Me