Could this be a Real Post-Credit Avengers Scene Featuring Spider-Man?

I was very shocked to see this online today, but someone took a cell phone video of a post-credit sequence for Avengers:Age of Ultron that featured Spider-Man.  Why this is particularly surprising is because director Joss Whedon previously stated “there is nothing at the very end.  And that’s not a fake-out.  We want people to know so they don’t sit there for 10 minutes and then [curse us out] I’ll kill them!”  There are many rumors about the mid-credit trailer that it could be Captain America assembling his team for Civil War, or that could be the first revelation on screen off either Doctor Strange or Black Panther, but he made it clear that this movie will only have one clip.  See the scene below.

It’s difficult to tell from the grainy cell phone footage if the video is a fake.  It wouldn’t make sense for Joss Whedon to trick the movie going public into thinking there is not after credit clip and miss the first showing of their flagship character in the Marvel Universe.  So either this isn’t real, Marvel changed their mind since Joss made that comment to Entertainment Weekly or neither of the previous rumors of what we should expect in the mid-credit sequence were correct.  I guess I’ll be sticking around til the end of the credits no matter what.

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