What Films Deserve a Sequel?

If you take a peak at the major film releases set to come out this year, it’s shocking how many of them are sequels, prequels, remakes or reboots.  Well, maybe it is not so shocking because Hollywood has been suffering from a severe lack of creativity for a while now.  It is a trend that will not end any time soon since those films have been beating out movies based on original ideas at the box office.  What incentive does a hollywood studio have to greenlight an untested/unknown entity when they have a proven brand they can continue to milk?

This post won’t be helping the matter any.  While I’m passionate about the Jurrasic Parks, James Bonds, Marvel/DCs, etc. of the world there are plenty of franchises that I’m ready to see die.  Which franchises are you sick of?  And on the other hand what movies do you desperately want to see a sequel for?  I’ll begin the conversation- some films that i feel were ripe for a franchise were Incredibles, Inception and Unbreakable.  The Incredibles was one of my favorite films (and possibly the best superhero movie to date) and there is talk that Brad Bird is now actively working on a script now that Tomorrowland is complete.  What about you?  Sound off below.

Photos From Tarantino’s Hateful Eight Surface

New images from  Quentin Tarantino’s “hateful Eight” surfaced online courtesy of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.  The film follows eight gunslingers in the Old West who get trapped in a cabin together when a fierce blizzard hits.  In the Entertainment Weekly article, Tarantino describes the film as follows: Continue reading Photos From Tarantino’s Hateful Eight Surface