Mega Man Movie in the Works

Another day, another post about a video game adaptation.  One of the most popular video game characters of all time is Capcom’s Mega Man.  The little blue bomber has been featured in over 50 games on multiple systems and has sold approximately 30 million copies worldwide.  Now Fox is hoping that the character’s success in the gaming world can translate to the big screen.  Forbes had the following to say about the project: Continue reading Mega Man Movie in the Works

Angry Birds Movie Images and Synopsis

Its feels like this week all I have been writing about is video game adaptations.  I posted the first image of Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands being developed by Lionsgate and there’s also word that a Mega Man movie is in production.  Adding to all that, here’s the first images of the Angry Birds film due out next year.  “Video game adaptation” has typically meant “bad movie” in the past as there are very few films based on games that have even been decent, let alone quality films.  Are these going to break that trend, I have no idea?  However, if any of them (or even Warcraft, which is coming out next year) turns out to be a critical and commercial success than you can bet that there will be a sudden rush to develop more adaptations in the coming years. Continue reading Angry Birds Movie Images and Synopsis