Marvel Has Their Director for Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel has a knack for taking lesser known directors and turning them into household names.  How in-demand were the Russo Brothers or James Gunn before they directed Captain America: the Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively?  Even Joss Whedon, who has had plenty of success before taking on the Avengers, is now in talks for a Star Wars gig.  Who’s the latest director to be brought into the Marvel family to direct Thor: Ragnarok, none other than Taika Waititi.

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If your response to that was “who?” than you’re likely not alone.  Waititi is more well known for his writing having worked on Disney’s Moana and the comedy What We Do In The Shadows (also co-directed) as well as having a directing credit for episodes of Flight of the Conchords.  While a director with comedy experience wouldn’t be the direction i would have gone for a huge tentpole film about Norse mythology and an epic apocalyptic battle, the Russo Brothers had a background in comedy before hitting it out of the park with The Winter Soldier.  Now they are directing the third installment (Civil War) and have been given the reigns to direct the Infinity Wars (which should be huge because it’s what all the previous movies are building towards).

What do you think about the decision by Marvel to bring in Taika Waititi to direct the third Thor movie?  Thor: Ragnarok is set to arrive in US theaters July 28, 2017.


Source- The Hollywood Reporter

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