Zack Snyder Meet With HBO About Developing Watchmen Series

Alan Moore’s “The Watchmen” graphic novel is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, graphic novel ever written/illustrated.  With its dark subject matter, interconnected storylines, and the deconstruction of superheros long before that was the hip thing to do, The Watchmen was a landmark series that changed the comic book world and is held in high regard by comic enthusiasts.  Zack Snyder’s 2009 film came out to mixed reviews and a poor box office, which appeared to put the nail in the coffin for ever seeing the characters come to life again.  That is until word is circling online that Snyder is in talks with HBO to develop a Watchmen series.

Collider reports that following about the status of the production:

“It’s with that in mind that we report that Snyder has been meeting with HBO to talk about a Watchmen TV series. Our sources tell us that the meetings about adapting the DC Comics property have taken place, but unfortunately we don’t have any details as to whether this would be a prequel series, a re-imagining of the events of the Watchmen story itself, or a sequel series.”

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“Meetings” and “talks” naturally don’t guarantee that the series will get made, but just the possibility is intriguing.  What direction will they take with the property?  Will it be a retelling of the Watchmen 12-issue run (same as the film) allowing for more time for the events to breath?  The criticism before and after the film came out was that there’s no way to condense all the storylines and themes from the books into a single movie.  While Synder did an acceptable job, an HBO series would be even better.

Still other possibilities could be a prequel or sequel series (I honestly have no clue where a sequel to that story could go, but crazier things have happened).  A prequel would certainly work since recently DC came out with the limited run of Before Watchmen comics.  With all the material in those companion books and what we know from flashbacks in the Watchmen main comics there’s plenty to draw from whether they want to design a series that will build up to the events of the movie or continue the series through the timeframe of the film.

No matter what Snyder/HBO decides to do, there is a ton of potential with this property.  At this juncture nothing is guaranteed and we don’t even know what Snyder has planned.  It’s possible that he intends to direct the HBO series if it ultimately gets made, but he has a lot on his plate with Justice League following Batman v Superman and being the unofficial overseer of the DC shared universe.  It’s more likely that he’ll serve as a producer on the series, which brings up the question of who do you think would be the best fit to direct The Watchmen?  I’ll be sure to add more information about this project as soon as i hear anything.


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