Could Marvel Be Developing a Moon Knight Series?

At the New York Comic Con last weekend fans got to witness episode 1 of the Netflix/Marvel collaboration Jessica Jones and a teaser for season 2 of Daredevil.  The character of Luke Cage (who will be getting his own Netflix series early next year) was introduced as well.  Shortly afterwards rumors emerged that the fourth series coming from Marvel/Netflix, Iron Fist, might be in trouble and not see the light of day.  With the critical success they had with Daredevil and the great word coming from those who saw the first episode of Jessica Jones, it’s easy to understand why Marvel may be going through their abundant character catalog to find another hero to develop for the small screen.  Screen Rant is reporting that Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez stated that one character Marvel is looking at is Moon Knight.

“It’s interesting you bring up Moon Knight because that’s not actually being developed for film. The heroic hot rumor is that Moon Knight is actually being developed for Netflix since he is their version of Bruce Wayne. Like the way they’re backdoor piloting Punisher, making an appearance in Daredevil Season 2, if it works out, boom. Same thing with Moon Knight. Again, he’s their version of Bruce Wayne. It’s one of the staples that they’re developing for their Netflix strategy. I’d rather see the Netflix version of Moon Knight than the cinematic one.”

Marc Spector/Moon Knight does often get compared to Bruce Wayne/Batman and it’s easy to see how a gritty, violent crime fighter with a complicated backstory could fit in with the world created in Daredevil.  Screen Rant went on to discuss some of the similarities and differences between Moon Knight and Batman and why they feel he’s unique enough to stand apart and be successful as a television series.

“Gonzalez points out there are similarities between Moon Knight and Batman (e.g. they’re both wealthy costumed vigilantes who beat up bad guys via melee combat and throwing weapons), but there are several differences too. Batman’s more skilled, whereas Moon Knight’s more savage. Batman inherited his wealth, Moon Knight earned it through being a mercenary. Batman regularly uses stealth, Moon Knight wants his enemies to see him coming (at least twice he’s stated that’s why he wears white). Their origins are significantly different, as are the reasons they fight criminals and how they conduct their investigations. Batman has a great rogues gallery, Moon Knight has… well, Marvel will have to work on that, because that’s not one of the character’s strengths. That said, using Bushman, a foe connected to Moon Knight’s origin, would make the most sense for a first season.”

This rumor has not been confirmed by Netflix or Marvel so don’t get too excited about the possibility of a Moon Knight series.  While the character’s history does include some supernatural elements (reportedly the reasons Iron Fist’s adaptation has proven to be problematic in the more realistic world created in Daredevil), there’s a bit more flexibility to decide how much the writers/show runners want to incorporate into a potential show.

Does the prospect of a Moon Knight Netflix series excite you?  What do you think about the direction of the current Marvel/Netflix slate?  I’ll keep you posted on any additional information that leaks about a possible Moon Knight series in development.


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