Jessica Jones Prequel Comic Available Online

With Marvel/Netflix’s Jessica Jones series set to arrive on the streaming media provider next month, Marvel has been ramping up the marketing to get people excited.  We’ve already had three teaser trailers for the show that provided little in the way of story and simply set up that the lead has powers and that the tone is in line with the Daredevil series that preceded it.  The first full episode was premiered at the New York Comic Con last weekend (you can read a relatively spoiler-free description here) and today Marvel has posted a prequel comic for the show that is available free online (and includes an appearance by Daredevil).  

Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 can be downloaded for free, via the digital comics retailer Comixology, or read online via Marvel’s website. Written by Jessica Jones’ creator, Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Michael Gaydos, Jessica Jones #1 gives audiences a preview of Jones’ life working for Alias Investigations, setting up where we’ll find the character at the start of the Netflix series.

Marvels-Jessica-Jones-1-Prequel-Comic-Cover (1)

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