Chris Hemsworth Eyed for Allan Quartermain Adaptation

The Marvel movies have done wonders making household names out of their actors.  The latest to be taking advantage of his fame is Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, who will star in next month’s In The Heart of the Sea, The Huntsman: Winter’s War as well as making an appearance in next summer’s Ghostbusters reboot.  It looks like Thor, the Huntsman and Ghostbusters aren’t the only franchise fare that Chris Hemsworth will take part in as The Tracking Board is now reporting that he will star as Alan Quartermain.  

Check out the details from the report, via Screen Rant:

“Indeed, Hemsworth may not be done playing the strapping adventurer from a bygone era type after In the Heart of the Sea, seeing as he is also reportedly being sought for the lead in Allan Quatermain, a hot script by relative newcomer Barnett Brettler, currently with Sony and based on the eponymous literary adventurer. The news comes from The Tracking Board.

Allan Quatermain is the creation of H. Rider Haggard, appearing first in 1885’s King’s Solomon Minesand later its thirteen sequels. A big game hunter and a crack shot, Quatermain’s adventures took him in to the jungles of South Africa, leading expeditions and fending off threats from both man and beasts. There’s a definite colonial element with the Allan Quatermain stories – and being a product of its time, there’s unfortunately a heavy dose of the white savior trope, too. Still, Quatermain served as the inspiration for characters like Indiana Jones, so there’s no reason a modern retelling couldn’t hang on to the adventuring and lose such rampant racial stereotyping.”

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Hemsworth has another Thor movie and the Infinity Wars 2-part event still on the horizon so it doesn’t appear that his star will fade any time soon.  Tying him up for a potential franchise is smart money for Sony.  What do you think about the possibility of Chris Hemsworth playing the literary icon Alan Quartermain?  I’ll include more details about the project as soon as I hear anything.


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