Potential Spoilers for Second half of Arrow Season 4

Spoilers below.  For those of you who don’t want to ruin a potential reveal from the second half of Arrow season 4, don’t read any further.  This is your warning.

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If you’re still with me you can’ get mad at what i’m about to show you.  At the conclusion of the midseason finale of Arrow, Felicity and Oliver were enjoying a limo ride together following her acceptance of his marriage proposal.  Since Oliver is not allowed a moment to be happy in this series, the limo was surrounded and gunned down, leaving Felicity’s fate in question.  From the first episode of this season it has been teased that someone close to Oliver will die, with continual glances into the future showing Oliver mourning at a gravestone.  Does this midseason finale confirm that the person in the grave is in fact Felicity?

Not so fast.  Similar to the cliffhanger ending of last season (and that one quite literally left someone hanging on the side of a cliff), it appears as though the death was a fake-out.  The below set images tweeted by Canadagraphs depict Felicity (actress Emily Bett Rickards) is alive and well.  Why can’t this be a flashback?  If you look closely at the pictures it looks as though Emily is in a wheelchair, which more than likely means she’s in recovery from the injuries endured by the assassination attempt.

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The other theory (that most fans online expect to be true) is that Felicity has experienced permanent injuries and is now wheelchair bound… similar to Oracle/Barbara Gordon from Batman.  Arrow has borrowed heavily from Batman already, often taking characters, plot lines, or Oliver’s character traits directly from the Caped Crusader.  If Felicity Smoak is now confined to a wheelchair, working from a computer to assist the Green Arrow and his team from afar they would essentially be turning her character into Arrow’s version of Oracle.  That isn’t an issue per se, but for those fans who criticize Arrow’s showrunners for turning the Green Arrow into Batman this will be one more thing to add to the argument.

So what do you think?  Are you happy Felicity still appears to be alive?  Who do you think eventually ends up in the ground by the end of the season?


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