Academy Reveals Changes To Increase Diversity

I’m a big fan of movies and I’m obsessed with numbers.  I’ve annoyed my wife numerous times talking about how well a movie performed against other films in obscure categories (“Hun, this movie pulled in the third highest non-holiday Tuesday of all time”) or paying way too much attention to the number of Oscar nominations certain actors or movies get.  So while Oscars should not be used as a gauge of how talented an actress, actor, director, etc. are, I still find all the hoopla surrounding the event and the event itself enjoyable.  If I love it then I can understand why those who do this for a living are passionate about it and why individuals would speak out if they feel an injustice is taking place. Continue reading Academy Reveals Changes To Increase Diversity

Popeye Movie Lands a New Writer

Sony Pictures Animation has brought in T.J. (Todd) Fixman to write the screenplay for their Popeye adaptation.  Fixman is best known as the creative mind behind Insomniac Games’ Ratchet and Clank video games as well as writing the script for the film due out on April 29.  The project has been in development for a while but hasn’t seen any progress since Genndy Tartakovsky (director of Hotel Transylvania) backed out last March.  Before leaving the project, Tartakovsky created a demo reel for Popeye, which can be seen below. Continue reading Popeye Movie Lands a New Writer

Bryan Singer Explains Apocalypse’s Powers, Origin and Casting

Just two days ago when posting a quote from director Bryan Singer comparing X-Men: Apocalypse to Game of Thrones, I mentioned that compared to Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad the marketing and relative amount of information provided has been minimal.  Then yesterday the internet exploded with a wealth of interviews with the director and various cast members concerning the next installment in the X-Men film universe.  Below check out an interview with Singer as he explains the powers, origin and casting of the latest and strongest villain, Apocalypse. Continue reading Bryan Singer Explains Apocalypse’s Powers, Origin and Casting