Christopher Nolan, Colin Trevorrow and Others Discuss Advantages of Shooting on Film

Christopher Nolan has been a strong advocate for shooting movies on film rather than digital.  I was made aware of this when he insisted on shooting the Dark Knight trilogy on film (even scenes being shot on the larger IMax cameras).  However, I did not know that Nolan is the main reason directors still have the option to film movies on that medium (check out the quote below from \Film).  At the Sundance Film festival this past week, Nolan sat down with director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World), cinematographer Rachel Morrison (Fruitvale Station) and filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip) for a 90 minute discussion “the advantages of shooting on film, the realities of the business re: choice, fallacies about digital, how the arrival of “motion smoothing” on televisions alters audience perception, and much much more.”

“A couple of years ago, when Kodak was going to shut down and the production of film stock was going to cease, Nolan worked hard to put pressure on the studios to keep Kodak open, thereby maintaining shooting on film as a choice filmmakers could have rather than defaulting to shooting on digital.”

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