Walking Dead Creator Discusses Negan and the Season 6 Finale

The Walking Dead season 6 finale is right around the corner, and with that comes the entrance of the biggest villain yet, Negan.  Negan and his group, the Saviors, have been teased the whole second half of this season with a few of them appearing in some episodes.  Creator of The walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, spoke with Entertainment Weekly to discuss why Negan is different from any of the other adversaries Rick and his group have butted head against thus far.  Read more about it below.

In his interview with EW, Kirkman had the following to say about Negan:


“Negan is kind. Negan is respectful. Negan is psychotic. Negan is ruthless. This is a very nuanced character that has a lot of different shades to him. There’s a lot of honor to him. There’s a rule system in place. I think he’s unlike anything anybody’s experienced in The Walking Dead thus far. He’s definitely a different kind of bad guy. He’s sadistic and dangerous and all those things that you would expect from a Governor, but he’s much more in control. He’s much less sporadic and he has much less of a temper. This is not a guy who’s going to lose control and start shooting his own people the way the Governor did…”

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A 30-second promo for the season finale leaked online before being pulled by AMC.  Here’s a description (courtesy of Screen Rant) of the promo, specifically teasing the introduction of Negan and his barbed wire covered bat, Lucille.

“The only glimpse we get is that of Morgan’s back, a partial shot of his front torso, and him speaking the words “Hi, I’m Negan”over a close up of Lucille. While this doesn’t give much away, it’s clear that his look is faithful to the comics with leather jacket, slicked back dark hair – and of course, Lucille. Vocally, Morgan doesn’t sound like he’s putting on a gruff voice but speaking with his own, as he did with The Comedian in Watchmen.”

As far as Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of the iconic villain, Kirkman admitted to getting goosebumps the first time he saw Morgan bring his to life.  Here’s what he shared with EW.

“I’ve seen moments from the comic come to life before my eyes, and it’s all very touching. But seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in costume, holding Lucille, saying lines — yeah, I don’t get goosebumps a lot, but that definitely happened. And seeing the joy and the elation that I had from seeing that character existing in a real space, coming to life as they say, I know that the fans are going to feel the same way.

So as perfect a casting as everybody seems to think it is, I can confirm that that is 100 percent the case, and I’m just very excited for the world to get to know Negan the way that we have. It’s going to be great.”

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What actually happens during Negan’s first encounter with Rick’s group is anyone’s guess.  His introduction in the comics is considered the single biggest moment in the entire run, but TWD showrunners have been known to play around with fan’s expectations in the past.  Will he switch up the characters involved or possibly change up the intro dramatically?  We’ll find out soon.  My favorite season on the show so far has been season 3 when they went up against the Governor.  If Negan is in fact a better adversary, I’m excited for what the future holds.

What do you think about the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead?  What do you think will happen in the finale?


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