Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston Circling The Intouchables Remake

The unfortunate reputation that the American movie-going public has is that we can’t tolerate subtitles and therefore do not support foreign films.  It’s a shame how many quality foreign movies perform poorly stateside, only to receive an inferior American remake shortly afterwards.  That said, I’m really hoping that this remake doesn’t follow the trend because the original was solid (yes, I’ve seen it and try to watch as many acclaimed foreign movies as i can).  According to Collider, The Weinstein Co. is remaking the French movie The Intouchables with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in talks to star.  Read more about it below.

Here’s a synopsis of the original film:

“When Driss, an ex-con from the projects, is hired to take care of an eccentric French aristocrat named Philippe, his newfound job quickly becomes an unpredictable adventure. Speeding a Maserati through Paris, seducing women and paragliding over the Alps is just the beginning, as Driss turns the often humorous world of upper-class Parisian society upside-down. As this unlikely duo overcome adversity of every flavor in this true story, they also shatter their preconceptions of love, life and each other.”

Here’s why I typically don’t like remakes (especially remakes of foreign movies only a few years later).  It’s very rare that the remake is equal to or better than the original.  It also prevents people from viewing the original because they have a newer version available, and in the words of Barney Stinson “Newer is always better.”  Do you want additional reasons why I have low expectations for this remake?  Paul Feig wrote the script (not a bad writer but known for comedies like Bridesmaids and Spy) and originally Chris Tucker was attached to Hart’s role.  On paper that makes it look like the powers that be have missed the essence of the movie entirely and are turning it into a comedy.  While there are certainly comedic elements, this is not a Bridemaids type of laugh a minute movie.

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Furthermore, I’m not feeling Kevin Hart in the role.  I like Hart, I find him to be funny and he’s actually done a decent job at the dramatic components in his movies for a stand up comedian (albeit in a limited sample size).  I’m not opposed to him trying his hand at a dramatic role.  However, his character is a caregiver and in the initial movie his character was first given the job because, despite a lack of experience, he was a big guy and would at the very least be able to handle the physical demands of the job.  Hart is 5′-4″.  He doesn’t fit the character.  On the flip side, I do love the casting of Bryan Cranston.  Whether this is played more as a comedy or keeps some of the dramatic tones of the original, he will flourish in this role.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think remaking this movie is a good idea and do you like the casting so far?  I’ll post updates as soon as I learn any new information about this movie.

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