Spider-Man Official Title/Logo and Possible Villain Details

More from CinemaCon.  There have been a ton of Marvel stories breaking today (although this is technically a Marvel/Sony story).  At the event, attendees were treated to the first official logo for the standalone Spider-Man movie.  Additionally, Birth.Movies.Death learned from other at CinemaCon one of the villains that will be appearing in that movie.  Read on below.

During Sony’s presentation at CinemaCon they revealed the logo for Spider-Man: Homecoming (yes, that’s the official title).  This name could have multiple meaning since this will be Spidey (basically the face of Marvel) making his solo debut for the studio.  Also since it has been made known that Peter Parker will in fact be in high school during the events of the movie and that him being a student/part time hero will be a major point in the film, it is possible that the main plot of the film could be built around his school’s homecoming game/dance.  There was also a comic book storyline entitled “Homecoming” that saw Spidey/Peter return to New York following the Secret Wars.  Additionally, if it wasn’t clear through bringing on comedy screenwriters, Marvel’s penchant for having a lighter tone and Kevin Feige’s insistence that the movie will be fun and funny; the logo definitely gives off that vibe.

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I don’t care for it, but then again it’s only a logo.  As long as this means we’ll get a fun Spidey who insults villains while he’s fighting them, I can live with it.  Spider-Man has always been my favorite comic book character so my fingers are crossed that this will be a great movie.

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The second piece of info that broke in the last 24 hours is that the Vulture may be the main villain or one of the villains in the film.  This announcement comes from Birth.Movies.Death and has yet to be confirmed or denied by Sony/Marvel, so take it with a grain of salt.  It does make some sense since the vulture is a classic villain from Spidey’s rogue gallery and has not yet been featured in one of the previous movies (although he was Sam Raimi’s choice to be in Spider-Man 3 before Sony’s insistence that Venom was used).  I can’t really picture an entire movie centered around him as the big bad, so perhaps he will be only one of the villains instead of the only villain featured.  B.M.D. had the following to say about this possibility.

“For one thing, I like the idea of a very young Peter Parker going up against a very old Adrian Toomes. I like the Silver Age aspect of this, one of the sillier but also most famous Spider-Man villains. And I like the idea of an aerial foe who will be able to get Spidey swinging and leaping around – if Captain America: Civil War is any indication, Marvel (who is producing the film for Sony) has this aspect of the character nailed.”

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Regarding the homecoming title, Screen Rant had an idea how the movie could potentially tie into the comic’s homecoming storyline:

“Homecoming” is the title of The Amazing Spider-Man issue #252 that was written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Ron Frenz. The storyline revolves around Peter Parker’s Spidey returning to his stomping grounds in New York City, after having gained his Venom alien symbiote costume following the 1984 Secret Wars comic book event. It is fair to assume that the 2017 Spider-Man solo movie will not feature Peter wearing his Venom costume (especially given that Sony is now moving ahead with a solo Venom movie reported to be separate from the MCU), but the general premise of “Homecoming” could be carried over into Watts’ film; that is, Peter will get a new costume and return to fighting crime in New York, after the conclusion of the MCU’s Civil War (read: the MCU equivalent of a comic book “event”).

The “Homecoming” storyline also features special appearances by such Avengers as Captain America and Iron Man (played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU), the latter of whom looks to be a mentor to Holland’s Peter Parker in the MCU – and thus, potentially the one who provides Spidey with an upgraded costume somewhere along the way in Civil War (maybe even the one shown in the film’s second trailer). There are other major superheroes who make an appearance in “Homecoming” – including such established MCU players as Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and The Wasp (Evagenline Lilly) – but it’s likewise safe to assume that if any of them do show up in the 2017 Spider-Man film, it will be as a cameo and nothing more.

Last, but not least, both Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard and Felicia Hardy show up in the “Homecoming” comic book story. Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has indicated before that the 2017 Spider-Man film will feature a super-villain not seen in any previous Spider-Man live-action movie, so that would disclude Dr. Connors’ transformed alter ego from showing up. However, one of the fan theories about Zendaya’s mystery character in the movie is that she’s actually Felicia Hardy and will start off the film as just one of Peter’s fellow high schoolers, before adapting her Black Cat moniker (either in the 2017 film or a future Spider-Man movie). It’s not impossible either, as we have yet to see Black Cat proper in a live-action Spider-Man film.”

So is it possible that we’ll be seeing The Vulture and Black Cat in Spider-Man: Homecoming?  At this point anything is possible.  I will keep you posted as soon as I hear any additional information about this project.  Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters July 7, 2017.

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