Alden Ehrenreich Frontrunner to Play Han Solo

This news has not yet been confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm/Disney, but it is believed that after an extensive search Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) will be portraying Han Solo in a stand alone/prequel film (and possibly a cameo in Rogue One).  The initial auditions consisted of over 2,500 actors vying for the coveted role with news that the field was narrowed down to 5 finalists just over a month ago.  According to Deadline they may have found their man.

“After screens tests that narrowed down the field of possible actors portraying Han Solo for the stand-alone movie in the Star Wars universe, Alden Ehrenreich has emerged as the front-runner for the coveted role. The casting of this character has been shrouded in secrecy — to the point of it being referred to as project Red Cup (get it? Solo cups). After screen tests, it was narrowed down to only a handful of actors that included Taron Egerton and Jack Reynor. However, sources with knowledge of the casting process, said that Ehrenreich is now leading the pack after after an impressive performance.”

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I have not seen Hail, Caesar! (I had every intention to, but sometimes life happens) or Beautiful Creatures so I can’t comment on whether he’s the right choice for the role.  Han Solo in the original trilogy was a rather challenging role as he had to be a charming scoundrel, a confident and strong leader and a character whose skepticism in A New Hope was used as the audience’s surrogate to introduce us to the Force.  Solo in a prequel will be a character who exists before being redeemed at the conclusion of A New Hope.  Therefore, we’ll already know the end game (always the difficulty with prequels) and there won’t be much of a character arc.  Still, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing the movie (LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street) so I have faith that they can pull this off.

Here’s what we know about the movie so far (via Coming Soon)

“The screenplay for the Han Solo movie is written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan and will focus on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley. It has also been confirmed that Chewbacca will also be a featured character in the film and, while unconfirmed, it s likely that The Force Awakens‘ Joonas Suotamo will reprise the role.”

What do you think about the rumored casting of Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo?  Han Solo arrives in theaters May 25, 2018.

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