Krysten Ritter Discusses Jessica Jones Season 2

Marvel has really been firing on all cylinders with their success on both the big and small screens.  Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 and Jessica Jones have all come out to rave reviews and Netflix/Marvel have Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher in production.  The powers that be have already announced that there will be a second season for Jessica Jones, but not much has been made known beyond that.  Jessica Jones herself, Krysten Ritter, sat down with Digital Spy to provide some insight about when we could expect more of Jessica and what’s in store for the character.

Jessica Jones will be appearing in the Defenders (a limited series where the characters from Marvel’s small screen shows will team up Avengers-style to face a threat to NYC), but it was unclear whether her second season would be released before or after this event series.  Ritter helped clear that up in her interview with Digital Spy (via Screen Rant).

“They’ll be back-to-back. I don’t know if they’ll overlap a little bit. It’s about to be a serious undertaking. I’m starting my physical training—lots of weight training and boxing.”

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So what about the character, where does Jessica go from here following her triumph over her arch-nemesis Kilgrave?  Is she a changed person; more at peace or possibly even depressed now that her life purpose is gone?  What new villain will she go up against in season 2?  Jessica Jones doesn’t have an elaborate solo history in the comics so it is more difficult to map out the path this series will take with her as opposed to Daredevil.  Could the showrunners opt to borrow elements from other Marvel comics (similar to CW’s Arrow, which routinely uses characters or storylines more closely related to Batman than Green Arrow)?  Although she doesn’t go into detail about what season 2 has in store, Ritter addresses the open possibilities.

“I’m excited to see what happens next for Jessica, and the end of season one left a lot of doors open and questions unanswered. Kilgrave was her reason for getting up every morning. Saving people gave her purpose. I wonder how emotionally taxed she’s going to be now. That opens a lot of doors as to who will come out and play. We all live in the same universe, so there are endless possibilities.”

If they decide to revolve season 2 around one specific villain similar to season 1 of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, than I have no clue who they will be going with.  However, many have speculated that season 2 could continue the subplot of Trish and Jessica uncovering the IGH conspiracy.  We may then get to see more of Simpson and possibly even watch Trish’s transformation into the hero Hellcat.

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Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) was first seen in Jessica Jones season 1, so it is certainly possible that Jessica could make an appearance in Luke’s solo Netflix series due out later this year.  Ritter does not give us an answer whether she will show up in that series (as you would expect since marvel tends to be tight-lipped), but sometimes a non-answer is just as good as a confirmation.

“Marvel have this grand plan. Luke Cage will come out, then Iron Fist. In terms of scheduling I don’t know how it will all come out and I can’t even tell you if I’ve filmed Luke Cage. But I’m excited for Mike [Colter] to have his own show. I know the tone of that show is going to be very different.”

So there you have it, Jessica Jones season 2 won’t be airing on Netflix until after The Defenders (late 2017?) but could be making a cameo in Luke Cage later this year.  Are you excited to see more of Krysten Ritter in the role of Jessica Jones?

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