Nintendo Hoping to Self-Finance Their Own Movies

Video Game movie adaptations are about to become a big thing (at least I hope) following the release or two large adaptations this year, Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed.  Nintendo, long known for their resistance to lending their properties to film studios following the 1993 Super Mario Brothers film fiasco, finally looks to be joining the fray.  Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke with Asahi News (via Kotaku) and provided the following insight as to Nintendo’s plans moving forward, which include the possibility of self-financing their own animated movies based on their characters.  Check it out below.

“Now, we’re talking to various partners. In the not too distant future, I’d like to get some sort of form ironed out….But this time, rather than licensing, our current thinking is that we’d like to do as much as we can ourselves.”

Kimishima went on to confirm that the films would not be live action but instead animated movies.

“We’ve done that before, so probably not a live-action one… Because we have IPs, we’re thinking we could also do something like (Disney/Pixar). It is something to keep in mind as we make all this concrete.”

This is all expected to go into motion following the sale of their stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team.  He went on to say in the interview that Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of such classic characters as Mario, Link/Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, etc., would be involved in the film branch but he did not indicate which characters are being looked at for adaptations.

“I want to use an IP that is popular with everyone. But, I’m not saying it’s going to be Super Mario, I’m only saying we’ll put out something that everyone knows very well.”

I can’t overstate how excited I am at the possibility of Nintendo developing some of their properties for the big screen.  An animated Mario or live action Metroid or Zelda movie could be absolutely epic.  Since this will be their first venture into film making it is completely unknown what the quality of their final product could be, but having the owners of these properties having a say on the movies should only be a good thing.  Marvel opted to make their own film studio and that has turned out fairly well for them (they just topped $10 billion dollars from the 13 films released so far), so there’s certainly an example of this being done successfully.  I have my fingers crossed that they make an amazing Zelda movie based on Ocarina of Time.

What do you think about Nintendo looking to create a self-financed movie branch to develop films based on their characters?  There’s no time-table yet, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be hearing about anything, even the title of their first potential movie, before the end of the year.  Share your thoughts below.

Somewhat related, here’s a fan made Metroid movie that actually looked pretty good.


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