Netflix/Marvel Possibly Developing Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Series

With the tremendous success of the Netflix/Marvel collaborations including Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 and Jessica Jones (along with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and Defenders in the works) it’s no surprise that they would seek to expand to more characters.  Now according to Screen Rant, it looks like three more characters could be receiving the Netflix treatment; Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight.  Continue reading for more details.

Here’s a summary of the three potential series, via Screen Rant:


blade 4 movie wesley snipes Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider Netflix Series In Development?

Blade would be easily the most well-known of the proposed series, having previously been the subject of a series of hit R-rated action films featuring Wesley Snipes beginning in the late 90s – the first of which marked the beginning of Marvel characters’ successful push into features, followed by X-Men and Spider-Man. Originally created in the 1970s, the character (whose real name is Eric Brooks) is the son of a woman bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, resulting in Brooks being born a “Daywalker” who has all the super-powers of a vampire but none of their traditional weaknesses; which he uses in tandem with special weaponry and martial-arts training to eradicate the undead as a vampire-hunting vigilante. Rumors of Blade joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe have circulated for over a year, with some suggesting that Snipes had been “in talks” with Marvel the series could focus on the Blade mantle being taken up by a woman – Eric Brooks’ own teenage daughter.


ghost rider5 Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider Netflix Series In Development?

One of Marvel’s most visually-striking figures, a hellfire-powered motorcyclist with a flaming skull for a head, Ghost Rider (traditionally Johnny Blaze, a daredevil stuntman who sold his soul to Satan and has been transformed into the Spirit of Vengeance) was previously played by Nicholas Cage in two feature films after which the rights were reacquired by Marvel. An often unwilling vigilante, Ghost Rider is compelled to seek out and punish the evildoers in whose presence his powers activate; using his cyclist skills and hellfire powers along with the power to force sinners to feel the pain of those they have wronged. The character has often been controversial, as his supernatural mythos draws explicitly on Biblical imagery and themes rather than fantasy or ancient mythology like many others.


Netflix Moon Knight Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider Netflix Series In Development?

By far the most obscure (to mainstream audiences) character to join the Netflix lineup yet, Moon Knight is typically thought of as Marvel’s answer to Batman – albeit with an origin story that heavily features magical and mythic elements. He’s also one of the few superheroes of Jewish descent, a rabbi’s son and former U.S. Marine who is brought back after being left for dead and gifted superhuman abilities by worshipers of the ancient Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Donning a white hooded costume, he takes up superhero work in New York city and puts a new spin on the secret identity game by creating multiple civilian alter-egos of different classes and backgrounds rather than just one. This would be the second time that Moon Knight was mentioned as a candidate for the Marvel Netflix treatment.

Both Blade and Ghost Rider are easy additions to the Netflix library since each have had multiple films and are known to the general public.  moo Knight is the wild card here, as he could certainly pass for Marvel’s Batman (as stated above) with supernatural elements but is a complete unknown to even casual fans of the comics.  Each of these characters are similar is how they weave in supernatural and horror elements into their stories so it certainly is possible that these characters can cross paths and eventually team up the same way the current Netflix characters will with their Defenders mini-series.

Reading the above announcement, I was the most excited to see that there’s a possibility we’ll get a Moon Knight series since this is a character we haven’t seen adapted in any form.  Ghost Rider could be interesting as well since the character would involve the use of a great deal more special effects that any of the current shows.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems strange how initially Netflix became so popular because they had tons of third-party movies and television shows available to stream or receive in the mail.  Now their available catalog continue shrinking, but their exclusive content gets stronger and stronger.  I have enjoyed all their offerings and generally associate a Netflix production as one of high quality, but part of me wishes they were also able to maintain their third-party movie content.  When I’m in the mood to watch a movie I find myself searching forever to find anything good that i haven’t seen before because there just isn’t as much there anymore.  That’s another argument for another time…

Are you excited to see marvel/Netflix expand their library of characters to include Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight?  Which of the above are you most interested in watching in a series?  This has yet to be confirmed by Marvel so there is no date for when these shows could be released.  I will keep you updated as soon as I learn more info about these projects.

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