Discussion: Share Your Favorite “Hidden Gems” Movies

What movies do you recommend to people when they ask “Have you seen anything good recently?”  I’m always on the lookout for quality films that I haven’t seen or heard of before, and likewise love to share those experiences of hidden gems that I find with others.  Share your recommendations below.

When I first started hanging out with my wife’s family one thing we used to routinely do was have movie nights.  These movie nights typically consisted of me bringing over a movie they’ve never seen, but that i thought they might like.  Similarly, being not only a self-proclaimed movie buff but a lover of quality cinema, one of my favorite practices is mining movie blog discussion boards, year-end top 10 lists, or having discussions with friends with more eccentric tastes and hearing about movies I might not have sought out on my own.

As a topic for discussion (and selfishly because I want to know about good films I haven’t seen yet) share your hidden gems.  These could be indie flicks that the general audience hasn’t heard of, older movies that never made the normal list of “classic” films that everyone still watches today, or just one of those movies you always recommend for people to watch.

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