Storyboard Art Revealed for Spider-Man 4 That Never Happened

Here’s a little game of “What If?”  Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies now seem like a distant past even though the third entry was only 9 years ago.  After that one famously got destroyed by critics and movie-goers, Sony decided to move in another direction and quickly reboot the franchise instead of making a fourth with Raimi in order to keep the rights to the character.  To date not much is known about the movie other than Joh Malkovich was expected to play the Vulture and there were rumors Anne Hathaway was going to play a new character called the Vultress.  Well now courtesy of storyboard artist Jeffrey Henderson (via Coming Soon) we finally have a little insight on how Spider-Man 4 might have looked.  Check it out below.

“I hope that one day I can, (or somebody can), finally tell the whole story of Sam Raimi’s ‘abandoned’ fourth Spidey movie,” Henderson writes on his website, where he revealed storyboards for Spider-Man 4. “Until then, out of respect for Sam, (and fear that he’d send Bruce Campbell to come after me with a chainsaw…), and everyone that worked on, or contributed to, this project, let me just say this: It would’ve been one absolutely kick ass movie. Seriously. We were working on some crazy- cool stuff, because everyone, from top to bottom, felt that Spidey 3 was a bit of a ‘missed opportunity’, and we all really wanted to help Sam take SM4 to another level so he could end the series on a high note.’

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, but I did get to spend a few years working on “OZ, The Great and Powerful”, which was just amazing…but that’s a whole ‘nother post. Anyway, Sam is almost superstitious about releasing any storyboards for anything, (go back and look at every “The Art Of” book for every movie he’s ever done… you know what’s not gonna be there? Anywhere? That’s right: storyboards), I don’t really know why- but that’s just how he feels about it. So, having said that, here are some ‘boards I can share, (without pissing Sam off), from the mysterious Spider-Man 4.”


Spider-Man 1 and 2 were quality superhero films for their time, before the bar was raised on comic book adaptations.  I’m in agreement with everyone else that Spider-Man 3 was a mess of a movie, and an especially huge letdown after Spider-Man 2.  Hearing Henderson talk about how everyone involved was extra determined to make up for that film and deliver something special makes me wish we could’ve gotten to see Raimi’s take on a 4th entry to the series.  That said, if Sony didn’t switch gears and go down the path they did we might never have gotten Spider-Man apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so maybe it all worked out in the end (fingers crossed, please let Homecoming be good).

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