Elizabeth Banks, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter Join Ocean’s 11 Spinoff

The cast for the all-female spinoff of Ocean’s 11 is starting shape up.  In addition to the previously announced casting of Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, Coming Soon is now reporting that Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect), Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) and Helena Bonham Carter (Alice Through the Looking Glass, King’s Speech) have joined the film.  Continue reading for more details.

The unofficial title of the film is Ocean’s Ocho, indicating that this iteration will see eight protagonists instead of the 11 in the previous movie.  According to Coming Soon:

“This new film will be a continuation of the George Clooney-led films, with Bullock playing Danny Ocean’s ex-con sister. With help from her right-hand woman (Blanchett, playing the equivalent of Brad Pitt’s Rusty), she’ll form a team of thieves to steal a necklace from the Met Ball in order to frame a villainous gallery owner. Shooting is expected to begin this fall.”

I have made my feelings known about the over abundance of sequels/reboots/spinoffs/remakes/prequels/etc. so hearing that there’s going to be another Ocean’s 11 remake/spinoff so soon after the last trilogy isn’t exactly exciting.  Add to that the fact that it’s going to be a gender swap of the cast making it all female and this movie is going to have a target on its back.  Just look at Ghostbusters where they similarly developed a remake with an all-female cast and that film got ripped to shreds online before any info was released (although to be fair the trailers haven’t looked that spectacular).

There’s been a huge flame war online, most recently with Melissa McCarthy attacking those who criticize the movie.  Why, because to some it seems like a gimmick and simply pandering to the justifiable complaint that women aren’t getting quality roles in Hollywood (and also because frankly there are a lot of sexist jerks out there).  If this was a heist movie without ties to an existing franchise nobody would be saying anything.  I hope the movie does well because I like all the talent involved, but regardless I hope this is just a stepping stone to women actually getting more high-profile roles in Hollywood and not retrofitting male roles to please a demographic.

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Getting all of that mess out of the way, these actresses should be great additions to the cast.  I really like Helena Bonham Carter and she has continually demonstrated that she’s a talented actress outside of her hubby’s movies where she’s typically just asked to be quirky.  Elizabeth Banks is hysterical in everything she does (she made What to Expect When You’re Expecting almost tolerable) and should bring a great comedic element to this strong cast.  This will be a reunion between her and director Gary Ross who also paired with her on the first Hunger Games movie and Seabiscuit.  I haven’t seen much of Mindy Kaling’s work (other than The Office and her small part in The Night Before) so I can’t speak for her body of work.  I’m interested to see who else they get to fill out the cast and what roles they will be playing.


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