Jennifer Lawrence Joins Adam McKay Film About Elizabeth Holmes

Variety is reporting that Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games, Joy) will join Adam McKay’s (The Big Short) film about Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.  Continue reading for more details.

“Sources tell Variety that McKay and Lawrence are attached to an untitled pitch that centers on Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the health-technology and medical-laboratory-services company Theranos. Forbes named Holmes the richest self-made woman last year. The biotech entrepreneur’s net worth was completely reduced last week when Forbes revised the estimate from $4.5 billion to zero following allegations that the company’s blood tests are inaccurate.”

McKay won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for last year’s The Big Short, a true story about Wall Street prior to the recession.  His follow-up will be writing, directing and producing this true story about Elizabeth Holmes.

Although Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her blockbuster films, starring in both the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises, she has kept herself busy with the smaller/indie (Oscar-bait) dramas that have earned her 4 nominations in 6 years with one win.  She has the rare combination of being a well-respected acting talent and a bankable star and because of that there will likely be a bidding war for the distribution rights for this movie.

I will keep you posted on any new information that surfaces about this project.  below check out a video of Elizabeth Holmes speaking about Theranos’ mission statement.

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