First Look at the Short Before Finding Dory – “Piper”

A staple in Pixar films has been the short films that have played before every release.  Sticking with the tradition, Finding Dory (which opens this weekend) will feature a short that follows the actions of a sandpiper (you know, those little birds on the beach that run back and forth to nibble up what the waves left behind).  Check out the clip and see Piper before Finding Dory on June 17.

“Seeing the way these sandpipers react to waves and run, I always felt, ‘Gosh, that’s a film, that’s a character,” Piper short director Alan Barillaro told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. It’s always fun to show a world we’re familiar with but from a different perspective. We’ve all been to the beach, but have we ever viewed water from just an inch off the sand? That could be very fearful from a bird’s perspective.”

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