Spider-Man Homecoming Adds Donald Glover – Could He Be Miles Morales?

Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I know that isn’t shocking news because the deal to include Spidey in MCU films dates back nearly a year and a half and he’s already appeared in Captain America: Civil War.  However, what that shift means is that we’ll be getting a new take on the character, reintroduction to supporting characters and that we’ll likely be witnessing vastly different storylines than those already put on screen in previous iterations.  One possibility that a segment of fans were clamoring for since the announcement is that Miles Morales, and the chances of seeing him have increased with the report that Donald Glover has been cast in Spider-Man Homecoming.  Continue reading for more information.

To start off, who is Miles Morales and why should we care if he could potentially appear in the Spider-Man movies?  Quick history, in 2000 Marvel ran a comic book series called Ultimate that was an alternate take on their characters.  Basically it retold the origin of many of their well-known characters if they were stating out today.  In that version of the Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker dies and a kid named Miles Morales takes up the mantle.  Morales is African American and it was a huge deal in pop culture when Marvel made the decision to change their flagship character’s race (even if it wasn’t within the main continuity).  Public opinion was split, but there are many fans who love Morales as Spidey and were pulling for Marvel to make their movie version of his Morales instead of Parker.

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Who was the favorite of the online community to play Morales if he were in fact incorporated into the films, Donald Glover (yes I used the word “community” on purpose).  According to Wikipedia Bendis, the writer behind Ultimate Spider-Man, fashioned Miles Morales after Glover after he wore “Spider-Man pajamas in “Anthropology 101”, the second season premiere of the television comedy series Community.”  Could the casting be a nod to the fan support and obvious comic book likeness similar to Samuel L. Jackson taking on the role of Nick Fury after the Ultimate version was based on him?

What’s my opinion?  Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character.  While the Raimi/McGuire movies were OK (discounting 3), I don’t feel like they fully captured the personality and weight of responsibility of Peter Parker in the comics and I’ve been very very excited to see what Marvel does with their most popular superhero back in the fold.  I read the Ultimate version, but stopped shortly before Peter getting killed off so I never actually read comics with Morales in them.  For me personally I want Parker to be the main guy and don’t want him to be killed off or replaced.  I grew up with his comics, action figures, video games, pj’s, etc. and want to see him get his due in the MCU.  If they bring Morales into the movies as a supporting character or receiving his own spinoff solo films, I’m perfectly fine with that.  Glover is a great talent and whether he’s playing Morales or not he’s a solid addition to the cast.

What do you think about Donald Glover being cast in Spider-Man Homecoming?  Do you think he’ll end up being Morales or another character in Spider-Man lore?  Share your thoughts below.  Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters July 7, 2017.


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