Star Wars Episode VIII Potential Spoiler About Rey’s Backstory

While the next main Star Wars title may be a year and a half away (yes, the stand alone Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is this December) and Disney is trying to remain tight-lipped, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors of “leaks” from spreading online.  I wrote about one “leak” regarding who Rey is in relation to Luke a while back, but here’s another about Rey’s backstory and the origin of the Force.  Remember, take this with a massive grain of salt but at the same time continue reading with caution because it’s possible that the following might contain major spoilers.

The following description comes from ComicBookMovie (via AintitCool):

According to alleged script leaks, Luke is hanging out with The Ghost of Yoda, who opines to Rey that the Jedi Council’s arrogance led to their demise.

Again, according to the leaks, Rey is The One, the long-promised reincarnation of The Very First Jedi. (I gather it will be confirmed that Anakin Skywalker was never The One. Which I guess would explain why Rey can so effortlessly best Vader’s broody grandson.)

It turns out Rey was identified as The One while she was just a tot — but her journey to receive Jedi training (presumably from Luke) was somehow interrupted, and Rey was lost.

Apparently Luke and Yoda will explain to Rey that the founders of the Jedi and the Sith were young siblings who lived thousands of years prior to Qui-Gon’s birth. The duo got their superpowers from a Magical Tree on their family’s recently adopted planet. (Rey has visions that support Yoda’s claims.)

When the brother and sister approached the tree, they discovered their superpowers. Over the years they returned to the tree, always keeping their tree-enhanced activities secret from the parents who brought them to this magic-tree-sporting planet. One day the siblings argue (perhaps about sharing their knowledge of The Tree with their parents and the galaxy?), the siblings fight and the boy kills his sister.

But wait! The boy discovers he can still feel his sister’s presence. He touches The Tree and finds himself “transformed.”

Wracked with guilt and irrationally angry at his parents for settling on this stupid planet in the first place, the boy added partricide and matricide to sororicide and fled the planet.

But wait again! Apparently the boy didn’t completely kill his sister, because she too finds herself transformed. Transformed enough to found The First Jedi Order.

After training others in the use of The Force, the girl (or let’s call her The Founder) announced she would one day be reincarnated – and that her new self should be found and trained in the Jedi ways.

Anyway, it sounds like Luke is not Rey’s dad after all. Perhaps she can get visions from touching any number of Important Objects, and not just from Luke’s old lightsaber.

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While I consider myself a big fan of the Star Wars films (and I’ve watched some of the Clone Wars series), I certainly would not try to compare myself to those that have read all the expanded universe novels and memorized the smallest details of the Stars Wars world.  That said, I’m a little confused by how Anakin can be retconned into no longer being “the one who will bring balance to the force.”  If I’m not mistaken, the prophesy never stated that he would eliminate the Dark Side, but simply bring balance.  At the time the Sith were much less in number than the Jedi.  By the completion of the prequel trilogy after everything went down with Anakin turning and all hell breaking loose there were now two Sith (the Emperor and Darth Vader) and two Jedi (Yoda and Obi Wan) which seems awfully balanced to me.  Not only that, but Anakin was also the one to ultimately kill the Emperor.  I just feel like this will be another Midi-chlorian level mistake by trying to explain away the Force and create someone even more powerful and important to the overall universe than Vader.

What do you think?  Do you like the possibility that Episode VIII could provide an origin for the Force?  Do you like this backstory for Rey as a reincarnation of “The One”/the original Jedi?  Sound off in the discussion board below.

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