Justice League Scene Description: Batman Recruits the Flash

A three minute clip from Justice League was shown to a group of journalists at the Warner Bros. Leavesden studios in southeast England.  The footage, with unfinished special effects since it’s still early in the shooting schedule, portrayed a scene where Bruce Wayne is attempting to recruit The Flash.  Check out the full description of the sequence below via Screen Rant.

A few steps in, Barry opens a circuit breaker where he inserts a battery – that’s already sitting inside of it – into a socket before closing it and pulling the switch. Sparks fly, not even phasing Barry, and the power activates to what’s best described as The Flash HQ. The concept art in the War Room of the Justice League set refers to this place as Barry’s “apartment” but it seems to serve more as a hideout for Barry to track crime and store The Flash costume which sits upon a mannequin to the right of his massive workstation which featured easily over a dozen screens abstractly placed all over the main wall.


In the other corner however sat a well-dressed man in the dark. It’s Bruce Wayne who’s been waiting for Barry to return. This is the first Justice League recruitment scene and plays out similar to the Tony Stark-Peter Parker introduction in Captain America: Civil War. The special effects weren’t in place and it’s a very early rough cut yet the scene was effective in getting the point across that Justice League is indeed a very different movie than its predecessors.

Barry is startled but more than anything, he’s confused. Bruce introduces himself, Barry makes a joke about Bruce sitting in his “second favorite chair,” and then Bruce hands Barry a printout from the surveillance footage we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as Barry continues to deny it, again with jokes as Bruce looks around the room with his back towards Barry.

Barry: This is a person who looks exactly like me but who is definitely NOT me… Hippie, long hair… Very attractive Jewish boy… He drinks milk. I don’t drink milk.

Bruce, ignoring Barry’s words, says that he knows Barry has powers but doesn’t understand them.

Barry: My special skills inlude viola, web design, fluent in sign language… Well, gorilla sign language…

Bruce’s attention shifts towards the mannequin where The Flash costume (more on this later) sits. Bruce starts describing it, as if complimenting Barry’s work in using heat and damage resistant materials.

Barry: I do competitive ice dancing.

Bruce: It’s what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on re-entry.

Barry: I do VERY competitive ice dancing. Look, man, I don’t know who you you are but whoever you’re looking for, it’s not me.

As Bruce faces the screens he quickly turns and whips a Batarang directly at Barry’s face. Time slows to a crawl and we view the facial expression response from Barry as his shock is quickly replaced by awe as he notices it’s a Batman weapon hurling towards his face, puting it together that Batman is in his workspace. Barry takes his time picking the weapon out of the air and faces Bruce as time returns to normal for both players in the scene.

“You’re The Batman,” says Barry. Bruce, again ignoring Barry’s denials, and pretty much anything he says, follows up with “So, you’re fast.)

Barry: THAT seems like an over simplification.

Bruce: I’m putting together a team – people with special abilities.  You see, I believe enemies are coming –

Before Bruce can finish, Barry excitedly interrupts him.

Barry: Stop right there… I’m in!

Bruce:  You are? Just like that?

Barry continues, reaffirming with a “yeah” before adding with less volume that he “needs friends.” Bruce, relieved at how easy this was says “great!” and then Barry holds up the batarang, asking if he can keep it.

To start off, I read all of Barry’s lines as Grant Gustin.  Until I see Ezra Miller’s take on the character, the CW’s version of the Flash will be stuck in my head as who the Flash is.  While I would like to see additional DC characters making appearances on Arrow or The Flash, I totally understand why DC/Warner Bros. is trying to prevent much overlap because it becomes harder to accept a new actor/actress playing a role when another version is so firmly entrenched in your mind.

It completely makes sense that Snyder would want to showcase this scene to journalists, even this early in the filming process.  One of the biggest knocks on Batman v Superman is that the film seems far too serious and dark.  Highlighting a lighter scene with actual humor in it immediately changes people’s mind and could help get individuals on board who might’ve dismissed DC following BvS.  This interchange sounds fun and completely is within character for both Bruce and Barry (as opposed to how Marvel sometimes feels the need to have characters crack jokes at times that don’t make sense or from characters who likely wouldn’t be trying to make light of the situation).  While I’m more of a Marvel comics guy, I love many of the DC heroes and want to enjoy their films as well.  Fingers crossed that Snyder knocks this one out of the park.

Justice League arrives in theaters November 17, 2017.


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