Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Photos

Production on Spider-Man: Homecoming (the first solo outing for the webhead as part of the Marvel/Sony collaboration) started a week ago and earlier today the first batch of set photos poured in.  If you want to see pictures of Spidey in action, check them out below courtesy of Looper.

I’m a huge Spider-Man fan so I’m super psyched for the film and yet I also tend to be a bit more critical because I care about the character.   With that in mind, there are things I love about the costume and others that I’m not too crazy about.  I love that they included the big red spider on the back because that design is straight out of the comics.  It’s also cool to see his webshooters and extra cartridges on the side of this costume.  While “organic webshooters suck” might have seemed like a petty fan nitpick against the Raimi/McGuire movies, having mechanical webshooters and the potential problems associated with them like running out of fluid and enemies breaking them was a plot device that would routinely show up in the comics.

That said, there are also things I don’t like about the costume.  The lines along the blue portion of the costume looks strange.  I get it that the lines make the costume look less like tights, but I’m not a fan.  Also I can’t help but compare this look to the costumes in the previous movies and this one just feels less cinematic than the Raimi/McGuire one.  I liked the raised webbing and the textured look to his suit.  I’m sure that his costume will go through changes as the films progress since that’s happened with each character in the MCU, so I’m curious about the evolution of his costume.  Check it out below.


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