Doctor Strange Prequel Comic Reveals Mads Mikkelsen’s Character

Marvel Comics released the first half of a Doctor Strange movie prequel comic courtesy of Comixology (via Comic Book).  In the comic it reveals which character Mads Mikkelsen will be playing and also introduces magic and mysticism for the first time in the MCU (although it has been slowly introduced on the small screen in Netflix’s Daredevil).  Check out the comic at the link above and a description of the comic below.

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Since Mikkelsen’s character was kept a secret to this point, most internet rumors were that he was playing one of Doctor Strange’s big bad, Dormammu.  However, the prequel comic indicates that this isn’t the case and that he will instead be playing Kaecilius.  Continue reading below in the description courtesy of Screen Rant.

“A mysterious woman has stolen the Eye of Agamotto, which has been described by Marvel as a “powerful, ancient relic,” from the British Museum (this magical device just may be able to manipulate time, which is why we think it may be the Time Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones scattered all throughout the Marvel cosmos). The Masters of the Mystic Arts – including Kaecilius, the enigmatic character that Mads Mikkelsen is playing – are convened to track her down and reclaim the Eye. 

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 A powerful member of the order, Kaecilius wages a one-man assault on the staff-wielder but is defeated, requiring the aid of his fellow Masters to defeat the staff thief.

They successfully manage to do so by the end of the first issue, placing it safely within the Sanctum Sanctorum, which will eventually become Doctor Strange’s base of operations.”

In the comics Kaecilius is mainly a henchman of Baron Mordo.  He was trained in the mystic arts by Mordo and is typically seen carrying out his bidding.  According to what Chiwetel Ejiofor has stated and the little that was seen in the trailer and set photos, it looks like Baron Mordo will be working with Doctor Strange throughout most of the movie and may not be revealed to be a villain until a sequel or perhaps late in the movie.  Is Kaecilius a bigger villain in the MCU than the comics or will it be a twist in the film where it’s shown that Mordo is really pulling the strings?

Beyond that it’s interesting to see how the prequel comic dives head first into the mystic arts and doesn’t attempt to slowly introduce the reader (presumed to be those following the MCU) to this brand new element.  I’m curious how they handle this in the film.  Will they jump right into the genre and expect the audience to go with it similar to Guardians of the Galaxy that made no attempt to explain the new cosmic elements presented in the film, or will there be hand holding as they gradually peel back the layers of the magical realms and how this could exist in the somewhat more grounded MCU?

What do you think about Mads Mikkelsen playing Kaecilius?  Are you excited to see magic and the mystic arts introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this next film?  Chime in with your thoughts below.  Stay tuned for more Doctor Strange news to drop later this month during the San Diego Comic Con.  Doctor Strange arrives in theaters November 4, 2016.

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