SDCC: Trailer and Details for Disney Frozen Northern Lights

More from Comic Con: Disney’s Frozen remains a huge draw even several years after release.  They added a Frozen short film before their live action release of Cinderella, a Broadway show and sequel are in development and now they’re releasing a series of books and animated shorts called Disney Frozen Northern Lights: Journey to the Lights where the group from Frozen go on an adventure to restore the Northern Lights.  Continue reading below for more details and a teaser (courtesy of Coming Soon).

“A storybook titled “Disney Frozen Northern Lights: Journey to the Lights,” published by Random House, will be introduced as a deluxe novelization in July ahead of an extended collection of books featuring the familiar characters fans know and love, as well as a brand new protagonist named Little Rock. The storyline will be reimagined by the LEGO Group with four new animated shorts and a full compilation airing on Disney Channel this fall. The shorts will bring the unique brand of stylized animation and witty LEGO humor to the world of Frozen, with the voice talent from the movie reprising their roles.”

In addition to the books and shorts, Disney has updated their Frozen website full of activities tied tot he new stories and they have also launched a Frozen Instagram account.  Check out the website here.  The series will start later this month.  Check out  he teaser and official images below.

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