Splash Remake to Star Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell

Deadline is reporting that a remake of the 1984 sleeper hit Splash is in the works starring Channing Tatum (Hail, Caesar!) and Jillian Bell (The Night Before).  Continue reading below for more details including the planned twist on the original idea.The original Splash was the first hit film for director Ron Howard and made stars out of Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.  The premise of the 1984 film is as follows:

“A young boy saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid, falls in love with her 20 years later when she returns to seek him out. Before he can choose between life on dry land or a deep sea paradise with his dream woman, the lovers are rudely interrupted by the intervention of a scheming scientist.”

Instead of being a straight remake of the original, this version will see a gender swap of the lead roles with Channing Tatum playing a merman and Jillian Bell playing the land-dwelling New Yorker.  Below are the details from the Deadline report:

“They’ve got an intriguing take: It’s being developed for Channing Tatum to take role that Hannah played, with Jillian Bell in the role that Hanks played. I’m told the pitch was hatched by Bell, who worked with Tatum in 22 Jump Street, most recently wrapped Office Christmas Party and next stars in Rock That Body.

They’ve hired Marja-Lewis Ryan to write the script. She most recently wrapped the Timur Bekmambetov-produced Liked, which she wrote and directed.”

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I enjoyed the original, it’s an entertaining film and serves as a fun “before they were famous” look at many of the stars.  I have spoken out many times against Hollywood’s lack of original ideas with the ever-increasing number of sequels/remakes/prequels/spinoffs/reboots/etc. and this isn’t really changing my mind.  Hopefully they can find a fresh way of presenting the story in addition to simply swapping the genders of the main characters.  Channing Tatum’s popularity should still be riding high following the 21 Jump Street movies and it’s possible there will even be a Gambit movie before then (the project has faced numerous obstacles, but if made could be another Deadpool-like hit for Fox) so his inclusion could result in this being a box office success for the studio.  Time will tell.

What do you think about the prospect of a gender-swapped Splash remake?  Do you like the casting of the two leads?  Share your thoughts in the discussion board below.  I will keep you posted on any additional information I hear about this project.

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