Set Photos and Videos for Jumanji

Below check out an official Jumanji cast photo showing off Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black in character as well as set videos from Johnson and Hart.

image source

image source

This certainly doesn’t look like a remake.  Below is the first cast photo from the set of Jumanji.  It features the characters Moose Finbar (Hart), Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Johnson), Professor Shelly Oberon (Black), and Ruby Roundhouse (Gillan).  From the look of their outfits and their over the top names, it looks like the rumors that they are playing “avatars” of the kids actually playing the Jumanji game may be true.  Does this mean the Jumanji game in the movie will have a visual/digital element to it, like a video game of some sort based on the board game?  Will they somehow leave the game and interact with the real world similar to the hunter in the original film, or will the the players enter the world of Jumanji and depend upon these caricatures?  Well find out soon enough, but in the meantime check out the videos posted on Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s Instagram accounts.


What do you think, are you interested in seeing another movie set in the Jumanji universe (however it fits into the mythology).  The Jumanji reboot/sequel arrives in theaters July 28, 2017.


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