Fan Made Animated Indiana Jones Video

Check out the fan made animated Indiana Jones short.

This isn’t actual movie news, but something film related.  Patrick Schoenmaker created a minute and a half animated Indiana Jones short that captures the feel of the original films.  True, much of what is seen in the clip is basically a recreation of key scenes from the movies and isn’t “new” adventures, but it’s still fun to see Indy in animated form.  Honestly I’m a bit surprised that an animated Indiana Jones series was never made because back in the 80’s it seemed like every major film franchise was made into a cartoon.  Here are the details courtesy of Coming Soon.

Patrick Schoenmaker, an animator from the Netherlands who has worked for Lucasfilm in the past, spent five years crafting the opening sequence of a would-be TV series titled “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” which takes the famous archaeologist on a jaunt through several typical adventures. The animation, which bears a resemblance to the style of Don Bluth, is gorgeous and fast-paced, and includes cameos by fan favorites like Short Round, Marion Ravenwood, Marcus Brody and, of course, Indy’s go-to villains the Nazis (swastikas tastefully removed from their outfits). He even left a perfect segue for the Paramount logo to fade into a mountain.”

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