Wolverine 3 Plot Details, Poster, Script Page and Official Title

Below check out the first synopsis, poster and script page from Logan, the third stand alone film featuring X-Men’s Wolverine.

There has been speculation about what the title of the third stand alone Wolverine might be called.  The expectation was that the film might be titled Old Man Logan, taken from the popular storyline that follows a much older Logan/Wolverine in the future.  Fox has officially released the title of the movie and it’s simply called Logan.  While I like this title because it implies that we’ll be looking closer at Logan the man as opposed to his superhero persona Wolverine, it’s interesting that Fox would opt to go without Wolverine anywhere in the title since the character and name are bankable/recognizable.

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So what will this movie be about?  The Wrap (via Screen Rant) has provided us with the first synopsis for the film.

Logan will feature a much older and significantly crippled Wolverine living out his last days in 2024, and forced to get by in spite of his failing health and diminishing regenerative abilities. Logan is in charge of mentoring a small girl possessed of her own pair of claws – only she possesses two blades on each hand instead of three – and a comparably aged Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) whose mind has begun to deteriorate, aided by the albino mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant). It’s also been revealed that those born with mutant abilities in 2024 are on the decline, and that an organization called Transigen is taking young mutants and turning them into killing machines.”

Based on information that was previously revealed, the young girl that Wolverine is the ipso facto guardian of might be none other than Laura Kinney/X-23 – who additionally may or may not become the new Wolverine following the events of Logan.”

Below you can check out the first official poster for Logan.  Two things to note here are the small hand holding Logan/Wolverine’s hand (the previously mentioned X-23) and that Logan’s hand looks really beat up.  The reason that second point is important is because Logan has a healing ability that would do away with any cuts or bruises relatively quickly so the presence of injuries implies that his healing factor isn’t working very well.  Director James Mangold confirms this in the script page released further down.

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Director James Mangold has also posted an image depicting a page from the actual script of Logan.  Two things are evident in this script.  Firstly, it sets the tone for a more realism in the action/violence than shown in most other comic book films.  He states that if a character falls off a building they won’t bounce, they will die.  Secondly, the page from the script indicates that Logan himself is older and his healing abilities are weakened.  He’s in chronic pain so he’s regularly taking painkillers and a hefty helping of booze.  Thirdly, the page references “Bangers”.  I’m not familiar with any characters in Marvel comics lore called Bangers, but it was previously announced that the Reavers would be making an appearance in the film so my guess is that the script is referencing them here.  Either that or a random group of thugs in the movie who Mangold named Bangers.  Fourthly, the film will being embracing its R rating.  There’s already an F-bomb present on just this one page released.

So this confirms all the rumors that the film will at least partially be adapting the Old Man Logan story for the big screen.  What are your thoughts on what has been released thus far for Logan?  Share your opinions in the discussion board below.  Logan will arrive in US theaters March 3, 2017.

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