Potential Walking Dead Alternate Death Scene Leaked?

By now I’m assuming that most people interested in watching the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead have already done so, but even so I’m going to warn you that there’s spoilers in the post below.  Continue at your own risk.  The clip is is an alternate death scene that has been leaked online.

Does this mean that it was originally Maggie that was going to bite the dust at the hands of Lucille?  Very unlikely.  My sources tell me (i.e. I read on other websites, but it sounds cooler to pretend I have sources) that alternate takes were shot of Negan killing each of the characters who were present in the lineup to prevent leaks from the crew or possibly to use as the footage in Rick’s flashbacks in the episode.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see numerous leaked videos start popping up showing each of the characters getting killed by Negan in the same way.  From how the episode ended it appears as though Maggie is going to be taking more of a leadership role on Team Grimes so I doubt Kirkman was debating whether or not to kill her off.  Either way it’s interesting to watch what could have potentially been another beloved TWD character getting killed.

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