Sebastian Stan Joins Margot Robbie in Tonya Harding Movie

Sebastian Stan will join Margot Robbie in “I, Tonya”, a film about the story-behind-the-story of the infamous sports scandal that saw Tonya Harding plot to attack rival skater Nancy Kerrigan before the 1994 US Championship Games in Detroit.

According to the report from Deadline, Stan (Captain America: Civil War) will be playing Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly alongside Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad) in the title role.  I, Tonya will be directed by Craig Gillespie.  Here’s a summary of the real life events that the film is based on, courtesy of the Deadline report.

“Gillooly became a public figure in the subsequent investigation and trial, at which it was revealed he and Harding’s bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt hired Shane Stant to break Kerrigan’s leg so she couldn’t compete in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Harding was eventually banned for life from the sport after both she and Gillooly reached plea deals; Gillooly was sentenced to two years in prison for racketeering, with the judge determining he was the “driving force” in the plot.”

What do you think about the casting so far for I, Tonya?  Margot Robbie has been putting together quite the resume following her breakout performance in Wolf of Wall Street and A-list ascension after taking part in Suicide Squad.  I respect the fact that she’s been mixing it up in various genres and smaller acting vehicles and hasn’t simply cashed in for blockbuster roles following her rise in marketability.  I don’t know Sebastian Stan outside of his role in the Marvel movies, but I look forward to seeing the two of them in this feature.  Miramax recently picked up distribution rights to the film and there is no release date set yet.  I will keep you posted on any new information about this project.

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