Walking Dead Season 7B Photos and Synopsis

AMC has released new photos for the second half of season 7 of The Walking Dead.  For those of you who aren’t caught up with the Walking Dead this season, don’t continue reading because the synopsis and pictures contain a few spoilers.   

Still with me?  I’ve been a big fan of Walking Dead, but the series has been fairly average lately.  They have compelling characters and a worthwhile storyline, but they have fallen into the trap of dragging out the main story with far too much filler.  That has remained true in season 7 as we’ve endured half a season of Negan establishing his dominance while Rick and the Alexandrians looked on helplessly.   However, in the second half of season 7 Rick is finally going to start doing something about it.  Hopefully it doesn’t take the rest of season 7 to arrange alliances with Hilltop, The Kingdom and that tribe of all women before they fight back against the Saviors but I fear the coming war won’t kick off until the season finale.  Either way, here’s the second half synopsis and the official photos.

“The first half of Season 7 saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group broken by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), forced to fall under his will and brutally convinced to live under his rules. The second half of the season will focus on preparing for war and gathering the supplies and numbers to take Negan down once and for all.

“Rick’s group will find out yet again that the world isn’t what they thought it was. It’s much bigger than anything they’ve seen so far. While they have a singular purpose–to defeat Negan–it won’t come easy. More importantly, victory will require more than Alexandria. They need the numbers of the Kingdom and the Hilltop, but, similar to how Rick felt, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) do not want bloodshed. To convince them otherwise will take more than speeches. The lengths Rick and the group will have to go to in order to find weapons, food and new fighters is nothing short of remarkable.

“We’ll meet new survivors in incredible places. We’ll see Rick and the group tested in ways we’ve never seen before. We’ll see treachery from people we trust. Rick is confident as he will see his group and many others band together with the common goal of taking down Negan. But no amount of planning will prepare the group for all-out war with Negan and his army.”


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