WB/DC Looking to Bring in Matthew Vaughn to Direct Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2 is happening and Warner Bros. is eyeing Matthew Vaughn to direct.

Due to mixed reception of Hanry Cavill’s Superman in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, there has been some uncertainty about whether Warner Bros. would move ahead with another Superman solo outing.  According to Collider, not only is there going to be another film focusing on Supes, but WB/DC are seeking out Matthew Vaugn (X-Men: First Class, Kingsmen: The Secret Service) to direct.  Check out the official report below:

“Sources tell us that Kingsman: The Secret Service filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is Warner Bros.’ top choice to direct Man of Steel 2, and preliminary conversations about the prospect have taken place. This isn’t yet in the deal-making stage, and Vaughn could very well end up not directing the film, but he’s who Warner Bros. wants at this point in time. Moreover, sources tell us that if Vaughn for some reason doesn’t direct Man of Steel 2, Warner Bros. still wants him to helm another superhero movie in the DCEU.”

image source

This wouldn’t be Vaughn’s first time directing a comic book movie as he has Kick-A**, X-Men: First Class and Kingsmen: The Secret Service on his resume.  This isn’t even his first time being connected to a Superman movie.  Back in 2010 there were reports that Vaughn and Mark Miller pitched an idea for a Supermen movie to Warner Bros. before they decided to go with the story by Christopher Nolan and Goyer.  At the time this is what he said his general feeling of what a Superman movie should look like.

“I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious The Dark Knight version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.”

This was before Man of Steel and the current DC cinematic universe was put in place so there’s no word on whether a Vaughn-helmed Man of Steel 2 would be lighter and more fun or whether it would share a similar tone to the established universe.  Man of Steel and Batman v Superman have received harsh criticism from critics and fan alike, particularly for the tone of the movies.  While a lighter and more hopeful tone is welcome, especially for Superman, at this point it may be harder to make that fit in with the rest of the films.  Either way, Vaughn is an awesome choice and I hope he gets the role.

What do you think- would you be interested in seeing a Man of Steel sequel directed by Matthew Vaughn (assuming talks are underway)?

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