Marvel Names Captain Marvel Director and Unveils Concept Art

Marvel has confirmed that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will direct Captain Marvel.  Disney also showed off the first concept art of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel to a group of journalists (described below).

Although Marvel announced Captain Marvel as their first female centered superhero film quite some time ago, the movie has been without a director.  Now it has two.  According to Screen Rant, Marvel has officially confirmed that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson, Mississippi Grind) have signed on to direct the film, being written by Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy).  Here’s the official statement from Marvel Studios (via Screen Rant):

“Carol Danvers has a very nuanced, powerful story, so Marvel took time selecting the final directing duo. But ultimately Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s diverse body of work and ability and focus on character made the choice a winning one. Each of their films exhibit nuanced, fascinating performances and a deeply-felt sense of character, all which will fuel the pairs passion around telling Carol Danvers’ Story.”

image source

That was not the only Captain Marvel news that broke this week.  Disney invited a group of journalists to the Disney Studios lot to unveil a bit of what;s in store for the future of Marvel.  In addition to some footage and concept art for Black Panther and Ant Man and the Wasp, the first official concept art of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel was revealed.  Unfortunately this artwork has not yet been released to the public, but the folks over at Variety provided the following description of what they saw.

“[The concept art] showed Larson-as-Carol in three poses: a medium close-up of her face and shoulders; a less revealing version of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman pose on a rocky outcrop; and one with the Captain in full battle mode, punching up to connect with the mechanized fist of a much larger robotic creature. In all of them, Carol is wearing the same red-and-blue suit, which bears a striking resemblance to the Jamie McKelvie character redesign from 2012—including a high collar and zipper. The red in the new art is darker than what we usually see Carol wear in the comics; it looks like the palette may have been deepened to match the cinematic Captain America’s. And though the material read as shiny, it resembled Cap’s hardier cinematic fabric more than the clingy spandex we see on the page.

In the concept art at Marvel Studios, the sash was gone and replaced with a thin, dark-red belt to match her red gauntlets and boots. And the star emblazoned on Carol’s chest read as more white to me than traditional yellow.  But perhaps the most “controversial” element of the drawing was Larson’s hair. It was a little above shoulder length, and appeared longer on one side than the other.”

image source

The look of Captain Marvel may be more hotly debated than any character thus far brought to the big screen.  Which costume will she wear?  Which hairstyle will she be sporting?  If you think it’s not a big deal, check out any discussion boards online and see how passionate fans get about this.  There are those who feel strongly about different costume and hair (or even the helmet).

What do you think about the choice of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to direct the first female superhero film for Marvel?  Are you pleased to hear about the possible look of Captain Marvel in the film or do you have a different preference?  Share your thoughts in the discussion board below.  Captain Marvel arrives in theaters March 8, 2019.

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