Did Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot Reveal What Stones Thanos Obtained

The latest TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War may have accidentally revealed how many infinity stones Thanos acquired by a certain point in the film.  If you want to avoid potential spoilers don’t continue reading below.  Either way, enjoy the posted tv spot.  Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters April 27, 2018.

Did Marvel slip up and post the first big Infinity War spoiler?  To date whenever Thanos’ infinity gauntlet has been shown there have only been two stones, the Power Stone (purple) and the Space Stone (blue).  All online theories for what stones Thanos might have obtained at various points in the film all believe that he has acquired more than just the two and that Marvel has doctored the footage in the trailers so as to not give away how successful Thanos is in his quest to obtain all the stones.  After all, the footage shown as last year’s Comic Con portrayed Thor with two eyes so that it wouldn’t spoil what happened to him in Thor: Ragnarok so we know Marvel has done it before.

The reason I bring that all up is because the latest TV spot released for the film is the first time we see Thanos sporting more than just the two stones.  Screenrant points out that the potential reason for this “goof” (if it in fact was a mistake by Marvel) is that the various formats for showing the clip present videos in different frame sizes.  Twitter is longer than YouTube and so while Thanos’ glove may have been out of the picture in YouTube, you can very clearly see the gauntlet and stones on Twitter.  See for yourself in the image below.

The image clearly shows that Thanos has the purple Power Stone, blue Space Stone, red Reality Stone and orange Soul Stone.  The space stone here is glowing because he’s currently using it to teleport in the clip.  A few things to point out- first, up to this point nobody knows where the soul stone is because it is the only stone that hasn’t appeared in any previous movie.  Second, some people suspect that the green Time Stone may be on the gauntlet as well, but slightly hidden from view on the thumb.  Others theorize that either Ebony Maw retrieved the stone from Doctor Strange in the scene shown in the trailer where Strange in being tortured and later betrays Thanos by not giving him the stone.  While others think that the scene described above takes place from a distance as Strange tries to see what the Black Order are up to and Maw simply tortures him in order to discover the location of the Time Stone without actually obtaining it.

image source

Yeah… everything in this movie is mere speculation at this point.  Not even the actors know what happens in the movie because nobody received the entire script, only pages of the scenes they were in (Tom Holland wasn’t even told who he was fighting in any of the scenes he was in because Marvel feared he’d leak the details).

Do you think the twitter version of the spot was an accidental reveal of how many stones Thanos has acquired or is this more mind games by Marvel?  Are you excited to see Infinity War later this month?  The early tracking for the movie is slightly above $200 million opening weekend.  I’m curious whether Marvel/Disney’s last minute marketing push will result in Avengers: Infinity War giving The Force Awakens a run for its money for the largest opening weekend ever.  Feel free to share your theories about when/how Thanos will retrieve the infinity stones and any other thoughts regarding Marvel’s next big movie.

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