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Faith and Film

There are two things that everyone who knows me quickly picks up on; that I am a Christian and that I love movies (three if you count that I love my wife, but that’s not relevant to this discussion).  People assume that I “see every movie” and it has brought up one particular question with many of my friends: How do I reconcile my love of film with my faith?  There are a lot of bad or inappropriate movies out there, so in order to be a lover of motion pictures I must compromise my convictions, right?  Well, the answer to that question is not a straight-forward yes or no.  I am no authority in the church community, this is only my humble opinion on the subject, but I hope to at least explain my personal stance on watching movies.  This has been written from the perspective of a Christian to other Christians, so if you differ in your beliefs your convictions regarding what is suitable to watch or not watch could be very different from mine.  I welcome discussion about this below.  Also, I prayed before writing this because I wanted to be certain that this is in no way self-serving or a way to justify doing what I want to do. Continue reading Faith and Film

Spectre Opening Sequence Revealed

If you missed it I posted the first teaser trailer for the latest installment in the Bond franchise, Spectre, yesterday.  This morning additional Spectre information broke, this bit deals with the opening sequence in the film.  Now anyone who has seen a James Bond movie knows that there’s certain components that are almost always present.  One such component that has become a staple is the opening action scene.  If you want to remain spoiler free about what happens in this scene don’t read on beyond this point. Continue reading Spectre Opening Sequence Revealed

Teaser Trailer for Spectre is Here

It’s here!  I’m not sure why, but with this crazy year of big movies on the horizon; Avengers: AOU, Mission Impossible 5, Jurassic World, Minions, 2 Pixar films, and yes even Star Wars: Force Awakens- I find that I’ve gotten most excited about the next Bond flick, Spectre,  Maybe it’s because Skyfall set into motion a new age of Bond, justifying the existence on spies in a post 9/11 terrorist world.  Perhaps it’s because 2-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz is in as a villain (Blofeld?).  Maybe it’s because this new Bond finally has his full team with a new Moneypenny and Q established.  Maybe it’s because Daniel Craig has embodied Bond better than anyone since Connery (yes, I know people will debate their favorite, but I like him).  Regardless of what it might be this movie has me excited before I saw anything more than a few pictures.  Now they finally released the teaser trailer.  Watch below. Continue reading Teaser Trailer for Spectre is Here

Television News: X-Files, Coach, Legend of Zelda and Preacher

On film the latest craze has seemed to be taking properties from the 80s and remaking them on the big screen.  We’ve had adaptations like Transformers, 21 Jump Street, the A-Team, Chipmunks, Dukes of Hazard, the Equalizer, GI Joe, etc. just to name a few from the past couple of years.  For television they appear to be mining the 90s for material.  In the past week alone two popular television shows from the 90s, the X-Files and Coach, have been confirmed to have new episodes in the works.  Couple this with the previously announced Twin Peaks limited run and the Boy Meets World sequel series that started this season and it looks like this might be becoming a trend.  So let’s take a moment to look at this as well as some additional TV news that recently broke. Continue reading Television News: X-Files, Coach, Legend of Zelda and Preacher

Spielberg Directing Ready Player One

Yesterday it was announced that Steven Spielberg will be directing Ready Player One.  Ready Player One is a science fiction and dystopian novel by Ernest Cline rich in “geek mythology and video game imagery” to steal a description from AintItCool News.  The site goes on to describe the book and movie potential by stating, Continue reading Spielberg Directing Ready Player One