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I was a late bloomer when it came to movies. My parents were not against movies but we didn’t watch many at home when I was growing up. Once I got to college that all changed and I immediately tried watching everything I could and soak up any information about “classics” or “must see’s” and add them to my ever-expanding list of films to catch up on. What assisted me most in this endeavor was movie sites, and more specifically the discussion boards on movie sites. Film fanatics debating movies, comparing to other offerings, bringing up obscure indie flicks that I never would have discovered on my own; those talkbacks are what really fueled my film passion and expanded my viewing experience. That’s why I have this separate section. Discussion is encouraged after any post on this blog, but this area is intended exclusively for dialogue. Here will be one shot topics that everyone can share their opinions on whether it’s dream casting, favorite movie lists, debates over current popular rumors or events, whatever it might be. Differing opinions are welcome, just please be respectful in this forum.

Game of Thrones Campaign Video: Who Should Rule Westeros?

While not actual entertainment news, this is a fun bit of advertising to hype up the upcoming release of Game of Thrones season 6 on Blu-Ray.  The attached video is taking advantage of election season by offering up Game of Thrones’ candidates for the Iron Throne and allowing fans to vote for who they think deserves to rule Westeros.  Check out the video and then vote at their website here. Continue reading Game of Thrones Campaign Video: Who Should Rule Westeros?

Poll: What Is Your Criteria For Picking Movies?

I read a post on \Film today where two of the writers had a discussion about what factors contribute to them choosing the movies they watch.  I found it interesting and it got me thinking about why I pick certain films to watch.  It’s not one set formula for everyone or else it’d be easy to forecast which films will succeed and which will flop and Hollywood studios would churn out only one type of film because it has a higher chance of success.  So what about you?  Why do you choose to see the movies that you do?  I provided a poll at the end of this post where you can vote and feel free to add comments in the discussion board below. Continue reading Poll: What Is Your Criteria For Picking Movies?