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I was a late bloomer when it came to movies. My parents were not against movies but we didn’t watch many at home when I was growing up. Once I got to college that all changed and I immediately tried watching everything I could and soak up any information about “classics” or “must see’s” and add them to my ever-expanding list of films to catch up on. What assisted me most in this endeavor was movie sites, and more specifically the discussion boards on movie sites. Film fanatics debating movies, comparing to other offerings, bringing up obscure indie flicks that I never would have discovered on my own; those talkbacks are what really fueled my film passion and expanded my viewing experience. That’s why I have this separate section. Discussion is encouraged after any post on this blog, but this area is intended exclusively for dialogue. Here will be one shot topics that everyone can share their opinions on whether it’s dream casting, favorite movie lists, debates over current popular rumors or events, whatever it might be. Differing opinions are welcome, just please be respectful in this forum.

What is your Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Film?

Comic Book/Superhero film adaptations are not going away anytime soon.  Avengers: Age of Ultron exploded on the scene a month ago and has already claimed $1.3 billion worldwide (good for 6th and still not finished) and Ant-Man will be in theaters in July.  The above image lists the release schedule for comic book/superhero related movies for only the next 4 years (through July 2019).  With this genre fresh on everyone’s mind in the summer blockbuster season, I thought it’d be a fun topic to discuss what is your favorite comic book/superhero movie of all time? Continue reading What is your Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Film?

What Films Deserve a Sequel?

If you take a peak at the major film releases set to come out this year, it’s shocking how many of them are sequels, prequels, remakes or reboots.  Well, maybe it is not so shocking because Hollywood has been suffering from a severe lack of creativity for a while now.  It is a trend that will not end any time soon since those films have been beating out movies based on original ideas at the box office.  What incentive does a hollywood studio have to greenlight an untested/unknown entity when they have a proven brand they can continue to milk?

This post won’t be helping the matter any.  While I’m passionate about the Jurrasic Parks, James Bonds, Marvel/DCs, etc. of the world there are plenty of franchises that I’m ready to see die.  Which franchises are you sick of?  And on the other hand what movies do you desperately want to see a sequel for?  I’ll begin the conversation- some films that i feel were ripe for a franchise were Incredibles, Inception and Unbreakable.  The Incredibles was one of my favorite films (and possibly the best superhero movie to date) and there is talk that Brad Bird is now actively working on a script now that Tomorrowland is complete.  What about you?  Sound off below.

Poll: Predict Avengers Age of Ultron Opening Weekend

I have a strange obsession with numbers and records.  I may be the only one on this.  When athletes are nearing milestones, when songs top the charts for a record number of weeks and when movies compete for box office records I take notice and I’m fascinated.  I’m not going to justify it, I’m aware it’s weird and likely not many other people care.  However, if there’s anyone else who think s like me, I’ve set up the poll below where you can predict how you think Avengers: Age of Ultron will finish in its opening weekend May 1-3 (because there’s a chance it could top the total for best ever). Continue reading Poll: Predict Avengers Age of Ultron Opening Weekend

Why I Love Film, Why Do You?

Why I love movies can be summed up in a line I had in a one act play back in high school.  It was called Act 3 Scene 5 and took place in a rehearsal for that scene of Romeo and Juliet.  My character was a jock whom everyone assumed auditioned for Romeo because the head cheerleader was cast as Juliet.  In a moment of sincerity he tells one of the other cast members that the reason he wanted to act was because he saw her in a show the previous year and her acting left him an emotional wreck.  The line, as best I can remember after 12 or so years, was “I want to be able to do that; make people laugh when you want them to, cry when you want them to… make people feel the way you want them to whenever you want them to.” Continue reading Why I Love Film, Why Do You?