Ain’t it Cool News – This was the first site I went to on a regular basis for my movie news.  Loyalty and the talkbacks, which are probably the best of the net, keep me coming back.

Screen Rant – Another solid site for movie news

Coming Soon – A great site for movie news and one of the better at predicting weekend box office totals.

Latino Review – At the cutting edge of breaking movie news.  You’ll notice on other sites they regularly reference Latino Review when a story or rumor breaks.

Drew McWeenys Review – My personal favorite movie critic.

Editing Room – As described on the site, the Editing Room is cliffs notes for movies, only Cliff is a jerk and thinks your favorite movies suck.  It’s hilarious abridged scripts of movies that point out all the plot holes and stupid stuff in movies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

How It Should Have Ended – Fairly self-explanatory by the title; this is a site that makes short video clips showing how movies should have ended.  Check it out for a lot of laughs.

Box Office Mojo – I’m a nerd and for whatever bizarre reason I’m obsessed with seeing records being broken.  When the big movies hit during the summer and holiday season, I frequent this page to see how they do and to watch if any box office records fall.

Plugged In – A site by Focus on the Family that provides Christian reviews on entertainment including TV, Music, Movies, Books, etc.

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