Zoolander 2 Officially in the Works

Was that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson at Paris Fashion Week?  In quite possibly the most epic way to break the news, Stiller and Wilson showed up decked out as Derek and Hansel to announce that Zoolander is officially happening.  Check out the video below:

No story or casting information is known as of yet, but stay tuned.  I wonder if he’ll come up with any look that could top Magnum or if they’ll finally construct the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.  Thanks for reading.

Not Wrong, Just Different

Chances are you have had a conversation at some point similar to the following: “Have you seen ____?  I loved it so much.”  “You liked that?!  That movie was garbage.  Only an idiot would like something like that.”  Yes?  I know I have.  Many times I’d be the one saying those words.  I was what you could affectionately refer to as a pretentious film jerk.   Continue reading Not Wrong, Just Different

Behind the Scenes – About Me

My name is Jason Schooling and simply put I am a huge fan of movies.  I’ve decided to write this blog not because I have any background in writing (which I hope is not painfully obvious with each post) or in the entertainment industry, but because I am truly passionate about movies and love discussing film any opportunity I get.  So to help preserve my marriage by not talking my wife’s ear off, I instead opted to pursue an alternative outlet.  Ergo, a blog. Continue reading Behind the Scenes – About Me