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Synopsis for Marvel’s Next Netflix Series A.K.A. Jessica Jones

I love what Marvel has done with their Netflix series Daredevil.  It’s a gritty take on the character (who frankly needs a gritty take to really do him justice) and yet it exists in the same universe with the Avengers, who are out breaking records on the big screen.  Daredevil has already been picked up for a second season, but even before that we’ll get the chance to see other Marvel heroes on the small screen (and could be even smaller depending on what device you watch Netflix shows on).  All these characters will be getting their individual series before teaming up in an event series called the Defenders. Continue reading Synopsis for Marvel’s Next Netflix Series A.K.A. Jessica Jones

Details for the New Muppets TV Show

In the last few years we have witnessed a revival of sorts for everyone’s favorite puppets, the Muppets.  While their two films weren’t huge successes, they proved at the very least there is still an interest in seeing Kermit and the gang participate in wacky adventures, songs, pop culture references, celebrity guest stars, etc.  A couple of weeks back there was an announcement that the Muppets were returning to television.  I assumed that this would be a return to their roots as a variety show reminiscent of their show that ran from 1976-1981, but the official synopsis from ABC states that it is going to be slightly different.  Here’s the report from Entertainment Weekly: Continue reading Details for the New Muppets TV Show

Joss Whedon Directing Star Wars?

For those that don’t know Joss Whedon was the writer/director behind the mega hits Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.  Joss won’t be writing or directing the any additional Marvel films, claiming that he was exhausted and that the second film was “The hardest juggling act I’ve ever, ever had to pull off.”  Many assumed that he would be taking a break from movies to recoup, or at the very least pursue his own projects.  Well now Latino Review is reporting that Disney/Lucasfilm is seeking out Whedon to helm a future Star Wars installment. Continue reading Joss Whedon Directing Star Wars?

Photos From Tarantino’s Hateful Eight Surface

New images from  Quentin Tarantino’s “hateful Eight” surfaced online courtesy of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.  The film follows eight gunslingers in the Old West who get trapped in a cabin together when a fierce blizzard hits.  In the Entertainment Weekly article, Tarantino describes the film as follows: Continue reading Photos From Tarantino’s Hateful Eight Surface

Film Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

I am a dork. Much of what I write about movies and entertainment can be better understood by knowing that one simple fact about me. I grew up playing video games and reading comic books. So this era of film that we’re living in where the superhero genre is king, where movies based on Marvel and DC properties are huge tentpole franchises and top flight directors and Oscar caliber talent are lining up to put on a mask just blows my childhood mind. At the pinnacle of all of that was the first Avengers movie. Continue reading Film Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron