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Fantastic Four Character Bios

The Fantastic Four movie is coming at the end of the summer and promises to be a different interpretation of the characters than has previously been seen.  The first indication of this came from the trailer, which showcased a younger cast and a darker mood than the past two films.  The official site has been updated with new descriptions of the characters and their abilities. Continue reading Fantastic Four Character Bios

2nd Fantastic Four Trailer Hits the Net

I’ll be the first to admit that I wrote off the Fantastic Four movie before even seeing any footage.  I had zeros excitement after the previous two films made by 20th Century Fox, it seemed like Fox was only making the movie because they were about to lose the rights, the casting appeared all wrong for the principle players in the film, and all reports coming from the movie (the gritty tone, how it looked more like Chronicle 2 than Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom being reinterpreted as a computer hacker named Domashev) didn’t sound promising.  The first trailer did nothing to sway my opinion.   Continue reading 2nd Fantastic Four Trailer Hits the Net