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Check Out the London Press Conference for JUSTICE LEAGUE

Check out the 20-minute Justice League press conference from London featuring Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ben Affleck (Batman),  Henry Cavill (Superman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder. Continue reading Check Out the London Press Conference for JUSTICE LEAGUE

Movie Review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I had no intention of writing this review, not because I didn’t possess a strong opinion on the film but because I was busy immediately after watching the movie and next thing I knew The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was no longer in theaters.  The reason I chose to write this now is because of a comment I saw from Warner Bros. regarding Henry Cavill in association with their Superman franchise.  After seeing an early draft of Batman v Superman, WB executives requested more Batman and less Superman due to believing Ben Affleck acted circles around Henry and feeling that he wasn’t a bankable star.  Any article reporting this referenced how The Man From U.N.C.L.E. bombed at the box office.  Having seen the movie not only do I fail to understand how Cavill is being judged based on his performance, but it frustrates me that such a good movie performed poorly. Continue reading Movie Review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Warner Bros. Wants More Batman in Dawn of Justice

A few weeks ago reports were circling that an unfinished version of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice played in front of a group of Warner Bros. executives who gave the showing a standing ovation.  Specifically, there was word that Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne was the highlight of the film.  Not coincidentally, shortly after that event Warner Bros. greenlit solo Batman film that would be directed by Affleck himself (as if they would stop making movies centered on their most popular character anyway).  All signs have been pointing towards good thing for the next iteration of the caped crusader.  On top of all that, Heroic Hollywood has reported a rumor that the executives are so in love with Affleck’s Batman that they want more of him in Batman v Superman.

“The latest hot rumor I am hearing is that Warners is requesting more Batman be put into the movie and less Superman.  Supposedly, Ben Affleck’s Batman is so good that he is blowing Henry Cavill’s Superman right off the screen.

Like it or not, Batman has become the crown jewel of the DC Universe. Look at what is going in the video-game space with the Arkham series, or the fast-tracked Batman Lego movie spin off.  Let alone the upcoming Suicide Squad is all Batman villains/characters. It is apparent how much more valuable the Dark Knight currently is than Superman.

With Ben Affleck riding high off of Argo and Gone Girl, he is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. So it only makes sense Warners would want more of the potent combination of him and the Batman. The studio has already ordered a standalone Batman film that Affleck will direct.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill just starred in Warner’s costly misfire The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re not fast tracking a Superman movie but it is pretty clear that Batman coupled with Affleck has become the lynchpin of the DCEU.”

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Batman is the most bankable comic book character right now so it makes sense that a strong showing from Affleck in the role would excite Warner Bros.  What is disappointing though is that Cavill’s Superman appears to not be as strong.  I saw The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and was pleasantly surprised with both the movie and Cavill as the lead.  The first thing my wife said coming out of the movie was “they’re making a second one right?”  So the dismal performance at the box office should not be attributed to him or the quality of the movie.  That said, if Cavill isn’t bringing in movie goers and a Affleck/Batman pairing will you know that executives will go with the sure thing.

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Superman is one of the most well known characters, but has become a hard nut to crack on film.  It’s in vogue to have a brooding, complex hero in the lead, so a morally upright, incorruptible boy scout who always does what’s right and rarely battles with any inner demons in a difficult sell.  Man of Steel tried to turn the tables and make Superman darker and more conflicted.  Instead they should take a page out of Marvel’s handbook and pattern a Man of Steel movie after the Captain America films.  They took the same “boring” upright/patriotic character and made him interesting and a selling point in the MCU.

What do you think about the concept of “more Batman and less Superman” in Dawn of Justice?  Batman v Superman arrives in US theaters March 25, 2016.


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Batman v Superman Details Emerge

Yesterday I posted some photos from the latest Entertainment Weekly issue that showed Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman, Wonder Woman/Diana Pierce and Lex Luthor from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  From the same issue came much more information from the movie via interviews with some of the characters. Continue reading Batman v Superman Details Emerge

Photos of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman

Warner Bros. has released a batch of photos via Entertainment Weekly for next year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that feature Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).  Check them out below. Continue reading Photos of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman