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Film Review: Jungle Book

Disney has been dominating the box office and will for years to come with Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar now residing at the Mouse House.  However, what they are still best known for are their animated offerings and there has been a concerted effort to adapt many of these well-known classics into live action films for the big screen.  Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent and Cinderella were all successful both critically and commercially, but with Jungle Book Disney is taking their biggest risk yet.  Yes, Jungle Book is a well-known property with characters and songs that are extremely memorable, but a movie featuring photo-realistic animals shown talking and a runtime consisting of almost entirely CGI had the potential to fail royally and keep theater-goers away.  If you’ve checked the box office returns this clearly isn’t the case and that is because this movie is much better than it has any reason to be. Continue reading Film Review: Jungle Book